Decentralized protocol for compliance via zero-knowledge oracles

Be compliant, remain decentralized, stay anonymous

  • European Commission
  • Inicorn Hacken
  • AMLSafe
  • Casper
  • Hacken

The only legit gateway to break through to DeFi market

Available on Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot and Ethereum

How protocol works

PureFi is a set of onchain oracles and smart contracts to protect honest DeFi market players from dirty crypto

70% of the PureFi fee will be used for burning $UFI tokens

UFI token holders get up to 30% discount for PureFi services

Token holders are to be participated in $HAI farming

Сase of using VC certificate

$UFI Token

The token has the key utility function to provide access to PureFi services, enabling lending-borrowing algorithm and staking option for users.

Address on ETH:
Market cap:

Token distribution

  • 188M $UFI

    Total supply

  • 23.94%

    Token sale

  • $772 400

    Market cap at TGE


    Limited supply, gradual unlock

Our team

Slava Demchuk
CEO / Founder

Slava Demchuk

Mykhailo Tiutin
CTO / Co-founder

Mykhailo Tiutin

Dunstan Teo
Chief Strategy Officer

Dunstan Teo

Sasha Antropov
Co-Founder, BDO

Sasha Antropov

Aaron Leve Yahalom
Regtech Strategist

Aaron Leve Yahalom

Anastasia M-Lorentzen

Anastasia M-Lorentzen


Rasikh Morani
Technical Advisor

Rasikh Morani

Serge Ajamian

Serge Ajamian

Vilma Mattila

Vilma Mattila


Hacken Foundation acts as a business development partner

Hacken is a trusted independent blockchain cybersecurity industry leader


Our success projects & have 35 000 users, serves 180 VASPs globally, processed 500 000 BTC to date

Our goals

  • Now
  • Q3 2021
  • Q4 2021
  • Q1 2022
PureFi tokenomics baseline Q3 2021

PureFi tokenomics baseline

Set of lending-borrowing contracts
$UFI Pool
$UFI Dex Integration

PureFi Protocol

Verifiable Credentials Standards and document formats for: AML • KYC • Other Meta Standards
PureFi Protocol Q3 2021

Integration with DEXs

DEX integration KIT
Circuit AML • KYC • Other
ZK-SNARK setup procedure (Public event)
Intermediate validation contract for EVM compatible blockchains
Intermediate smart contract for Substrate
Intermediate smart contract for CosmWasm
Issuers SDK Q1 2022

Issuers SDK

$UFI staking
Onboarding procedure
External reference API

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